How (and Why) to Buy “Two Tankers Down”

Two Tankers Down tells the story of Bernie Webber’s rescue of the crew of the Pendleton, but it goes beyond that and tells the story of another heroic  rescue at the same time — of the crew and officers of the SS Fort Mercer.

The book has been on the suggests reading list of the Coast Guard for five years now and is the only account I know of the full rescues in 1952.

You can buy Two Tankers Down at Amazon by clicking here.  Or at  Barnes and Noble by clicking here.

You can buy the electronic Kindle version here

If you prefer listening over reading, there is an Audible. com version as well here. 

And finally if you are interested in how the problem of the T-2s developed you can read my longer narrative of the wreck of the SS Marine Electric here in Until the Sea Shall Free Them.