Paperback Edition of “The Captains of Thor — What Really Caused the Loss of the SS El Faro” Now Available on Amazon

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A print-on-demand version of The Captains of Thor is now available via Amazon for those of you who still prefer hard copy.  It’s $9.97 — which is built on Amazon costs of creating and printing the book.

A note:  this is 30,000 words, about the length of a “novella.” It goes about 180 pages.

I believe this lays out pretty well now but this is still largely dependent on my layout and copy editing skills. I’ll continue to refine the copy editing and design. I have some professionals on the job.  Turn-time is the challenge. Bottom line though — you may see some hanging paragraphs here and there. But I do want to get this out there in all forms.

In the meantime, you can read the book here on this site free online or check out Kindle at $2.99. 


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