“Last Place Lance:” Can the Dems Actually Win a House Seat in New Jersey?

Posted: July 3, 2017 in Contemporary Commentary

Leonard Lance, my congressman, is one of the Republicans deemed vulnerable in 2018, because Hillary carried the district in 2016 and a firestorm of anti-Trumpism has swept through social media singeing Lance.

Reality?  Don’t hold your breath.

Lance is a smart cookie and already is distancing himself gently from Trump.

But the big factor that will beat the Democrats is, of course, the Democrats.

Already, the Democratic candidates are jockeying around the usual suspects: Obamacare, choice, Trump and guns. Fine issues for a progressive and I’m sold on liberal moralizing. Gets me very time.

Only I’m not the guy the Dems need to sell.

They need to sell independent voters and soccer moms and while they may well turn out to vote against Trump in a general election, they won’t turn out for these issues to vote against a milque toast fella like Lance.

Unless, the Dems can tag Lance with a more serious issue.

And here is one way they might do that.

New Jersey hovers near last place in the amount of federal dollars returned compared to federal taxes paid.  For every dollar paid out in federal taxes, only about 60-cents returns, roughly, in the form of contracts, grants, military contracts and the like. Mississippi? More like $2 for every one dollar spent.

How could a responsible dollar and cents Republican like Lance allow this to happen?

Well, in reality, that might be a better question for the state’s Democrats who dominate the New Jersey congressional delegation.

But in the free for all that is American politics, it’s a mild reach to hang “Last Place Lance” around the good congressman’s neck.

And it’s a fair question for every taxpayer in the Seventh District to ask him in 2018:

Given your 10 year tenure in office, how do you account for a 40 % loss on every federal tax dollar spent?

And it’s a fair question to ask the voters: Why return a congressman to office who has such a dismal record of returns?  What stock do you keep in your portfolio that loses 40% year after year?

Define your candidate before he defines himself, we learned from Lee Atwater and Karl Rove.

Show that a fiscal conservative Republican is losing money for the voters and the Dems may just have a chance.

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