Of “Bomb Clocks,” Engineers and the $70 Million High School Football Stadium

Posted: September 16, 2015 in Contemporary Commentary
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Of “Bomb Clocks,” Engineers and the $70 Million High School Football Stadium

Some 19.6 miles from the Texas school where a smart 14-year-old kid with a dream of being an engineer was arrested the other day, a high school is building a $20 million stadium for its football players.

And 30 miles in the other direction, stands a $60 million high school football stadium.

The smart money says that if the kid, Ahmed Mohamed, could juke and run a quick slant pattern, he would have gotten an A+ just for being able to tell time.

But that’s all speculative.

What we do know is that he was so smart that he was able to build an electronic clock at home, and so proud that he brought it in to school.

But in see-something, say-something America, his English teacher dimed him out to the coppers. The teacher, who read a lot but not widely, was fearful the circuit board was some sort of bomb.   The police handcuffed the student and agreed there was reason to be suspicious.

There wasn’t and he was released.

As to policy and apologies, the school officials paced and paced, deliberated on the matter, and rubbed their chins with knuckles calloused from dragging on the coarse Texas soil.  The mouth breathers are sticking by the story and say it was a judicious act given all the givens. They wouldn’t want to encourage this type of behavior, after all.

Purely coincidentally, we also know these facts, about the wisdom of other school officials and their priorities.

That three-year-old $60 million football stadium?

It has been closed for the past 15 months because of structural problems.  It’s being re-opened — after $10 million of fixes.

“It was just so tremendously expensive to go back after the building was done, to go back and add bracing where we had to and remove a lot of the architecture,” said the school officials


It’s hard to get good engineers these days.  No one knows why.

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